Matcha chocolate-white bean

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Black soy beans with naturally sweet flavors have many virtues recognized for millennia by the Japanese.

Roasted in Kyoto they have a crunchy texture crispy with almost biscuit notes.

To complete the trip to the Far East we have coated them with white chocolate and matcha green tea from Jugetsudo.

The bitter-free delicacy of ceremonial matcha combined with the crispness of roasted black bean will make you discover new gourmet sensations.


Box of 50G


Roasted Kyoto black beans 50% (black soy bean sugar) White chocolate Matcha green tea 50% (sugar cocoa butter whole milk powder Matcha green tea powder emulsifier: soy lecithin natural vanilla flavor).

Average energy values ​​for 100g

2086kj / 499kcal.

Average nutritional values ​​for 100g

Proteins 15 1g - Carbohydrates 55 6g of which sugar 42 8g

Fat 25 2g of which saturated fatty acids 11 7g

Fibers 0 05g - Sodium 0 12g.


Milk soy eventual traces of nuts. egg protein and gluten.


Store in a cool place (below 25 ° C) before opening

Cconsume quickly after opening.

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